Mastery of Mantra

Mastery of Mantra

Ready to learn mantra as the art of sacred speech? Over the years, we have trained not only many hundreds of yoga teachers, artists, mantra practitioners, and therapists, but also lawyers, nurses, business professionals, and educators. We help improve lives by empowering voices.  Let us train you with these precision spiritual tools that can help you raise and transform your consciousness in powerful ways. You can become better at what you do as you learn to communicate more effectively, not only with the visible world but the invisible as well.


Online Tutorials

We've developed highly effective tutorials to help you learn quickly and efficiently.

Online Training

Refine your pronunciation through interactive audio webinars and online video conferencing.

Inspirational Content

In addition to tutorials, we include content to inspire your practice and application.

Tap the power of mantra as a source of spiritual energy

*  Our online tutorials are effectively designed for both complete novices as well as seasoned mantra practitioners who have been pronouncing mantras incorrectly. We get you started with the basics of the Sanskrit language to learn how tongue positions stimulate heightened awareness and trigger direct spiritual experience. What we offer does come by in books, DVDs, or on the internet.

* And what you learn through us about sacred speech transfers into your everyday speech. Most of our students discover that this training also dramatically improves their daily communication skills, helping  bring more spiritual energy and higher consciousness into their work and relationships.

(Impact the World) Refine your Pronunciation

* When you incorrectly pronounce mantras, you change their meaning and, therefore, their impact. You really need to know the difference which you will in our training. When you chant mantras the proper way, there is an unmistakable sense of power that also lends authenticity to your spiritual practice and chanting.

* The proper chanting of mantras helps you embody and channel a high level of spiritual consciousness not only for your own well being but also for the well being of the world. Your effort bears fruit in your core relationships, too, rippling out into the world.

Access content from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

* Access highly effective video tutorials that stream to your phone, computer, or tablet device. These are exclusive and highly effective tutorials that cut to the chase drawing from almost 30 years of teaching experience at the highest levels of education in the United States and decades of music publishing with top-notch record labels in the music industry.

* Receive top-notch instructor support by being able to present your questions any time of the day or night using our in-built support form. Learning mantras the proper way will undoubtedly bring up subject, so the high level of support we offer lets you present your questions from any part of the world at any time of day or night.


Frequently Asked Questions

The curriculum is comprised of 10 modules. The first modules establish you in the correct sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet. The other modules teach specific mantras, mostly from the Vedas. Most of these mantras are chanted in ashrams and yoga studios so we focus on these “classic” mantras. For example: the Gayatri mantra. The strength of the program are the custom-designed modules coupled with extraordinary training and profound levels of understanding.

PHASE A: BEGINNER (Empowerment of Shakti)
Module 1: Movements of Shakti (Learn Energy Flow)
Module 2: Yoga of the Tongue (Learn Placements)
Module 3: Prayers of the Heart (Learn Simple Mantras)
Module 4: The Spirit of Community (Learn Classic Mantra)

PHASE B: INTERMEDIATE (Study Obstacle Removal)
Module 5: Bringing Light to Dark Places
Module 6: Meditating on the Faceless Face
Module 7: Blasting through Obstacles

PHASE C: ADVANCED (Focus on Enlightenment)
Module 8: Pushing towards Enlightenment
Module 9: Liberation from Death
Module 10: Embracing the Fullness

With almost 30 years of teaching experience at every level of education, from yoga studios to the doctoral level, Russill Paul offers you the credibility of teaching at accredited academic institutions in the USA together with extensive teaching at most of the leading-edge alternative educational institutions in North America, such as, The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, The Omega Institute of Holistic Studies, Esalen Institute, Hollyhock, etcetera. These are centers that have hosted the well known spiritual luminaries of our time. In addition, Russill has presented at many of the most prestigious spiritual conferences in North America and internationally.

Your instructor has not only been at the forefront of spiritual education and consciousness shaping for 30 years, but also a professional in the music industry for even longer than that. He brings a high level of technical expertise and musicianship to the quality of the online tutorials created for this program.

This training is part of Yogic Mystery School that began offering online education along with the first universities that began doing so in the mid 2000s. Russill Paul has had long-standing professional experience in audio and book publishing, having worked with the New World Library, a press that publishes Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, among others. He has also produced and published music for well known music publishers, such as, The Relaxation Company, Ellipses Arts, and Sounds True. You are in good hands!

But what if I know these mantras already?
Even if you “know” these mantras, this program trains you in the traditional “Vedic” way of chanting them and the proper way to enunciate them. You are connecting to a living current that is at least 5000 years old. Beautiful though they may be, contemporary musical and artistic expressions of mantras often change the meaning of the words which are preserved in the Vedic form of chanting. You should know the difference through your own practice and be able to engage both forms for yourself and others.

But can’t I learn the meaning off the internet?
This program offers a level of meaning and understanding of these mantras that you simply will not find elsewhere. Many of our students are yoga teachers and quite a few have been chanting mantras for decades. This program is one of the highest levels of mantra education you can come by as a westerner. The numerous testimonials we have attest to this.

But I can listen to these mantras on YouTube?
There is a huge difference when you learn to chant them using your own voice. When you listen and learn by yourself, without expert correction, you can actually be entrenching incorrect pronunciation even deeper. We have powerful methods to help you identify and "unlearn" bad pronunciation while empowering yourself with good pronunciation when it comes to mantra chanting. When you learn to chant mantras this way, you tap direct perception into the nature of spiritual reality. In Yoga, we call this “pramana”.

But I can go and study these mantras in India?
It is unlikely that you will receive the same shaping of your chanting proficiency. To the greater extent, teachers in India do not know the nuances of how westerners use their mouth to pronounce sounds in language. You will have to find a teacher who is knowledgeable about the proper way to chant mantras, who is scholarly, and can communicate effectively in English. And help you "unlearn" the incorrect pronunciation that is entrenched in you. Not easy. We specialize in it.

Why does it take one year? Can’t I do it sooner?
You can, but for most people, it takes time. You cannot force this process to happen overnight, nor should you. This is why we spread out this process over a year, so that you can, with a modest amount of time and application, systematically gain a really strong foundation in mantra pronunciation, perspective and practice. If you want to complete this program in a shorter period of time, we recommend one-on-one coaching.

""The Mastery of Mantra Training was invaluable for me to notice my habits and perfect my pronunciation. The inspirational talks by Russill opened me to the deeper meanings of the mantras. This guidance has enabled me to access deeper states of consciousness while chanting the mantras and beyond. I also loved joining with our wonderful community of students and looked forward to hearing them chant and talk of their experiences. I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful spiritual community.""

Lisa Ferraro, New Jersey
Yoga and Mantra Teacher

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in The Mastery of Mantra Training! Russill is an amazing teacher whose wisdom and pure essence shines through every aspect of the training process. For years I have been singing mantras as part of my meditation, yoga and self-healing practice. As a vocalist I've felt called to somehow incorporate mantra into my performances, but felt unsure of my understanding of the language and tradition. Through this study I'm awakening to the subtle magic of sanskrit and the traditional tones; along with powerful, ancient sound practices that are blowing my mind! I have begun to sing Kirtan and Mantra performances and have recently had the opportunity to do some recording. Most importantly I'm experiencing new depths in my spiritual practice as I devote more and more of myself to the sacred sound"

Talina Madonna, L.M.T., Chicago
Vocalist & Holistic Bodyworker

""This course has been a very wise investment for my soul's journey! Live on-line sessions with Russill, along with close up video tutorials where is easy to see the tongue positions as Russill is chanting have made all the difference. The transcendent power of the mantras now reveal themselves at last, as the vehicles they are to communion with Source. The more I practice the more tangible the sense of communion becomes.""

Louissa Gabriel, B.C. Canada
bonus3 Louissa Gabriel, B.C. Canada Business Owner, Mantra Lover

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